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Lako provides engineering support, tooling, and services for excellent package sealing.

PMMI Certified

training and diagnostics

Lako PMMI ™ Certified Training helps your internal teams deliver with excellence and cost-savings.

Whether at one or many plants, Lako can help your internal teams deliver production excellence with efficiency and pride.  We offer PMMI Certified training courses for the everyday demands of maintenance and installs. Due to our decades of experience across all aspects of package sealing, we can help you diagnose production issues and calculate savings opportunities throughout the manufacturing process.

Our PMMI Certified Training comprehensively addresses horizontal seal management to ensure your teams get the maximum performance and reliability from your production process. The course provides the following benefits:

  • Curriculum includes: Cut and Seal Head Setup, Crimper Installation, Knife and Anvil Setup, Hole Punching, Hot/Cold Sealing Applications, PSD™ and MSD ™ Sealing, Proper Adjustments, Prolonging Tool Life, and Troubleshooting.
  • Courses provide extensive reference documents, lecture and discussion, clear safety management protocols, and hands-on training to ensure smooth translation to the working environment. (Compressed training may exclude hands-on interactions.)
  • Adjustable based on your employees’ experience level, with either a full-length or a compressed course.
  • Training can be performed at Lako’s offices in Ohio, or at your facilities.
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At Lako we also help customers diagnose problems regardless of where they start. Our Technical Sales teams in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe have well over 20 years of experience in package sealing, including hands-on experience with various packaging lines. This enables us to offer the following:

  • We can help diagnose problems in the manufacturing line upstream and at the finish to the sealing process. If there is an issue along the line, we have probably seen it before and can share possible solutions.
  • When you are considering changes to operations, we can provide a simple return on investment review.  This will help you  categorize possible changes and the cost and time savings your company could realize.
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  • If you are not a current Lako customer, our team is always willing to share their experience and insight in hopes that someday we can support your business. Please contact us if you are struggling with an issue or interested in potential improvements to ROI.